Behind the SCenes: FIA VIP Goody Bags

Today, StyleSC gives you a sneak peek at what little treasure you'll be finding (if you're one of our lucky VIPs) in our VIP goody bags! We were lucky enough to team up with the crew at Yoki's Garden who will be donating a bunch of these Fight On Fingers and some rad t-shirts for our drawing! For those of you unfamiliar with Yoki's Garden, take a look at the link provided above or meet the man behind it all at our next FIA meeting!

Jeff Yokoyama
How to design different, make different, & sell different.
Wednesday, March 9th 2011
7:00-8:00pm @ VKC157

Jeff is also the founder of Generic Youth (GY), Modern Amusement, Pirate Surf and Maui & Sons and has done design & consulting for Quiksilver and Stussy!

*Shoutout to Scott Andrews for helping make this all happen!

Countdown to FIA Fashion Show: 25 Days!

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